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Ambrozy Marián

Associate professor, PhD in Systematic philosophy

College of International Business  ISM Slovakia in Prešov

1 Duchnovičovo námestie

Prešov 080 01, Slovak Republic



On July 11 this year, a member of the editorial board of the journal, academician Štefan Kassay, celebrates 80th birthday. He lived to see them with freshness and full physical and mental health.

Štefan Kassay was born in 1941 in Miskolc. The family later moved from the then Hungarian Kingdom to Košice. At first, there was no indication that the adolescent Štefan would become an important Slovak scientist. After graduating from elementary school, he trained as a turner. He first attracted attention as a postage stamp exhibitor. As a newly trained lathe operator, he developed an engineering improvement to torsion bar turning. He sequentially graduated the military officer’s school, an evening high school for which he was not admitted. He sat in class regularly, although he was not a student at the school, until he was finally enrolled in it. He later enrolled at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. As a student, he also participated in the development of the artificial heart. He collaborated with Professor Ján Buda.

After graduating from university, he taught in the high school as a young engineer. As a high school teacher, he began studying postgraduate studies externally. In addition to him, he also graduated in the political college, to which he also acquires journalism. Finally, Kassay defends the title of candidate of science, as well as the title of PhDr. He works in television as an editor. He works in this job in Budapest, where he befriends cosmonaut Bertalan Farkas. Here, the mixed ethnic origin of Kassay will prove to be a great advantage, as he speaks Hungarian. Together with Alžbeta Štrkulová, they moderate an entertainment program on television in Miskolc. He also reports from Romania on the consequences of the earthquake. He later worked at television in Bratislava as editor-in-chief. He started working in this position to defend the title of doctor of sciences. Thanks to unfriendly people, the deadline has been extended by two decades. The hard-working Kassay stepped up at work and became the coordinator of the editors-in-chief. Enemies remove him from work and he becomes a journalistic computer scientist.

Kassay also starts lecturing in the university. He also works for Steven Taylor. He leaves this job and founds the company I. D, C, Holding. Over time, the company becomes a world famous name. Thanks to Kassay, a new modern factory was built under his head in Sered. After many obstacles from the enemy, Kassay managed to do a habilitation as well as defend the DrSc title. Later, he obtained the title of professor and finally full membership in the European Academy of Science and Arts.

Academician Kassay is the author of a large number of books and scientific works. His most important work can be considered the Pentalogy – Enterprise and Acquisition, which has been published in several world languages ​​and is distributed throughout the world. In addition to Pentalogy, he publishes a series of books Management, as well as many other book publications. His lecture activity is also important. In addition to Slovak scientific conferences, academician Kassay has lectured in many countries around the world, for example Iceland, Uzbekistan, etc.

Our celebrant is not only an important scientist, but also a great Slovak businessman. With his approach, he achieved the whole range of scientific and pedagogical titles, up to the highest possible award – a member of the Academy of Sciences. In addition, he built I. D. C. Holding, a world-renowned company. It can rightly be considered a symbiosis of a scientist and an entrepreneur. Its basic principle is to be excellent in science and to produce such scientific products that have an application output. He can be considered a man of work who sleeps only minimally, manages the company during the day, or reports at scientific conferences, writes scientific works at night. We wish him that his energy, enthusiasm for work and health will last for many more years.